Trump Lives in a Western Nation – So Is He an Oxy-Moron?

Secretary of State Tillerson reportedly called the President a moron, but he recently passed a cognitive exam with flying colors. So why does he keep making what a sportscaster would call “unforced errors?”

I am frankly surprised to hear that his frequent signs of stupidity are not due to cognitive decline. It certainly seems as if his blunders are getting worse. But by comparison, it may seem as if a pain I’m having now is worse than the pain I had yesterday – because I’m having it, not remembering it.

Trump’s recent insults to Haiti and Africa seemed like a new low, but he has a longstanding reputation for crude gutter language. And of course insulting people, and groups of people, is one of his personal hobbies. Even so, it was clearly stupid to speak of “shithole” or “shithouse” countries when Dick Durbin, a Democrat, was in the room. Did he forget who Durbin was, or not realize the consequences of someone reporting his vicious remarks?

As far as I know Trump has not had his head examined, with an X-ray or MRI. So he could have a brain tumor. But it may just be that deeply rooted personality defects distort his thinking – impulsiveness, arrogance, hostility, cruelty, a short attention span, and a love of risk-taking. Something is clouding his judgment.

Shortly after the election, I called Trump “a demagogic genius with a twisted personality.” “Because he is so unpredictable,” I said, “I have no doubt that Trump will surprise us in some positive ways. Play roulette fifty rounds and sometimes you’ll win big.”

The only surprise for me is that “45″ has done so little that seems brilliant. I thought we had a twisted genius in the White House. But it looks like he’s just twisted.

Roger Christan Schriner

(With thanks to my wife Jo Ann for her occidental nation – oxymoron quip.)

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